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It’s the beginning of winter, Sally and Harry finally get to sit down on the couch for a chat after putting the kids to bed.

Harry:  I am going to earn plenty of brownie points for booking this romantic winter weekend at Hazelmont Cottages at Ravensbourne.  With the kids off at the grandparents we are free to head off from Brisbane around lunchtime Friday and be there for the 2pm checkin.  Can’t wait – the website makes the place sound like the perfect rainforest retreat.

Sally:  The weather will be crisp being up on the Great Divide, so we need to remember warm outdoor gear.  It’s been a while since we had a good mountain bike trail ride, so we need to check the bikes are ready and the 4WD is in good nick for the trails that are around the area.  Seems as if Hazelmont have special hand-drawn maps for the guests to keep them on track……that’s thoughtful and very handy.

Harry:  Cosy fire, wine, no work worries – very romantic – and no alarm except for the morning bird call.  Hmmm, I guess sharing meals on the rainforest deck with the local wildlife will be something different.  It might be a good idea to throw the binoculars in along with the cameras. Apparently the Satin Bowerbird is sometimes spotted…you never know, we might spot a rare species.

Sally:  I am looking forward to a weekend free from cooking, so I have already surfed the net for Hazelmont’s recommendations for local eateries or for supplies for our own bush snacks. Cake – mmmm- The Colours of San Cris, just a short drive up the road, sounds decadent and just the thing for a weekend of indulgence.  Kate’s Korner for a Saturday coffee is within walking distance and meeting up with the locals sounds the perfect place to pick up some avos and sourdough.  Dinner would appear to be covered at the highly recommended Curly Carrot.  We will need those walking tracks to make room for these delicious morsels.

Harry:  Only 35 minutes to Toowoomba – I know who would love a trip to see the street art and the view from Picnic Point.  More brownie points!  Treats from the famous Baker’s Duck might be just the thank you gift for the grandparents too.

Sally:  Oh look, we will be right in the middle of the High Country Hamlets Hearth, Wind and Fire Festival if we can drag ourselves away from the walking tracks or playing Finska in the beautiful gardens.

Harry:  I don’t even care if the weather is wintery, there is Finska.  By the way, what is Finska?

Sally:  Never heard of it, but by the sounds of it, the hosts, Sue and Jonathon, are not far away to teach us.  Hazelmont Cottages have certainly handed you those brownie points on a platter.   Great hosts!  Great choice!